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Book Art and Sculpture

Book Art and Sculpture

Everything old is new again with Book Art and Sculpture

Book art is a fantastic way to give a second life to the dusty books that are sitting on your shelf – the ones you always meant to do something with…

In this workshop you will learn how to upcycle books into handcrafted paper art pieces, one fold at a time. Throughout the class we will give you tips on the best books to use and what to look out for before you begin folding. Then you’ll learn the highly meditative folding process (we like to call it Folding Therapy) making this the perfect way to relax and unwind while creating.

From cylindrical shapes to book bursts to spinning tops and more, you will learn the basics of folding books in to a variety of sculptures. We’ll even give you some great ideas on how to best display your work once you’ve finished.

What you need

Bring along any books you have that need a bit of creative love. We also provide a selection of books and magazines for you to use if you are not sure where to start. No previous experience is necessary.

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