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3D Paper Origami Sculpture

Origami and Kirigami

Origami – the original paper craft!

Origami is probably the most well known of the paper crafts and is an amazing skill to experience.

Starting from the basics you’ll learn some of the traditional base folds and then build on them to create more complex pieces. From single sheets to modular 3D pieces you’ll experience the infinite possibilities of paper folding while participating in an age old art form.

Our workshops are all about fun so there is no pressure to reach a certain level – just enjoy the process!

What you need

We provide beautiful Japanese paper for you to fold and detailed notes on the different techniques for you to take home with you. No previous experience is necessary – we can cater for beginners, but are also able to provide a bit more challenge for those who may have folded before.

Upcoming Workshops

There are no workshops currently available in this category.

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